Covid plan

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Covid plan

Bruno Pastouret / Post on 8 May 2020

Dear guests,

Your health, our health: our top priority! In order to fight Covid-19 and ensure you the safest, most comfortable stay possible, we present you a list of the measures implemented here at Le Prieuré La Madelène.

Social distancing

The bedrooms are all separated and spread out over an area of more than 400 sq. m. / 4,300 sq. feet. As well, each has its own private entrance to the Prieuré.You can thus move about safely.

Health Protocol

We have implemented a very strict, precise protocol in order to ensure impeccable hygiene. After our guests leave, the rooms and cottage are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected. Housekeeping is performed by staff wearing a mask and gloves: all handles, switches, bathrooms and floors are cleaned, rinsed, dried and disinfected. Liquid soap is provided in each bathroom, and the soap dispensers are disinfected.

Internet access

We have recently upgraded our internet access by installing six Wi-Fi hotspots. You can connect securely from your room, as well as from the outside, with a dedicated space for each room.

Common areas

The restrooms in the common areas are temporarily closed. We ask that you use only the bathroom in your room or cottage. The common areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Antibacterial gel is available at reception.


The household linens are cleaned by a professional laundry service. Dirty laundry is put directly into a tightly closed bag before being removed from the room.


We have had to adapt our evening meal service to comply with the social distancing measures required to fight Covid-19. While awaiting the reopening of local restaurants, we will be offering you sampler trays, meal trays for dinner, prepared by us or in partnership with local eateries in Malaucène. When local restaurants reopen, Le Prieuré’s evening meal service will be offered only for “private bookings”, by reservation only. In order to maintain social distancing, for breakfast and / or meals, each room will have its own dedicated meal area.


There are tables and chairs distributed throughout the premises, in several indoor or outdoor locations.

Suspected illness – Healthcare professionals

In case of any doubts before or during your stay, for everyone’s well-being we recommend you consult a doctor. General practitioners and pharmacy: located in the center of the village of Malaucène.Vaison-la-Romaine Hospital: less than 10 km away by car.

Conditions for canceling your stay

We have adapted to the situation and modified our general terms and conditions of sale. In the event of cancellations related to containment measures or in the event of illness, we undertake either:

  • to offer you a credit for the amount of the deposit paid at the time of reservation. This credit will be valid for 18 months from the date of receipt (French government order no. 2020-315 of 15 March 2020 ).     
  • or to reimburse you the deposit paid when booking, within 7 days and without penalty. All other clauses remain unchanged and can be consulted in our general terms and conditions of sale.

These precautionary measures are designed to protect both you and us.

 We must also all rediscover the pleasures of coming together, sharing and exchanging.

We wish you a wonderful stay at Le Prieuré La Madelène.

Bruno et Olivier

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