Le Prieuré La Madelène - Seminars, guest house and cottage

Welcome to our guest house in the Mont Ventoux region!

Uncategorized / 28 April 2024

Meet your hosts, Bruno and Olivier In the town of Malaucène, at Le Prieuré La Madelène, we share our passion for hospitality and the authentic lifestyle of southern France. Discover how our journey has led us to transform this residence into a place where stories are woven. In the south of France, in the Mont […]

For your summer in Provence in the Ventoux region a selection of “Arts & Culture” activities by Le Prieuré La Madelène

Uncategorized / 11 July 2023

During summertime in the beautiful region of Provence, where Le Prieuré La Madelène is located, arts & culture are not left behind! In fact, the range of activities is phenomenal. Thus, we have chosen to present you a theme-based selection we have named “Art and Architecture – A Living, Dramatic Heritage.” Our choices are subjective […]

Fans of cycling and Provence alike

Uncategorized / 6 March 2023

Welcome to Le Prieuré la Madelène, at the foot of Mont Ventoux! Le Prieuré now has the “Ventoux Cycle Tourism” label At Le Prieuré, in our guest rooms and cottage, we reserve a special welcome for cyclists, keen sports enthusiasts and those whose favorite pastime is going out for a stroll. The Ventoux Cycle Tourism […]

Our summer highlights around Mont Ventoux 

Uncategorized / 28 June 2022

A SMALL SELECTION by LE PRIEURÉ LA MADELÈNE  Like many areas of Provence, the Ventoux and its surrounding villages are in full swing in during the summer season. With the arrival of the cicadas, a full menu of fun, friendly events are on tap near Malaucène. Among all these different events, at Prieuré La Madelène, […]

Discovering the vineyards and wines of Ventoux

Uncategorized / 15 September 2021

In our wonderful little Vaucluse département (or ‘county’ in English), like everywhere in France, wine is part of our culture and plays an important role in our meals and fun times. The people here nurture a great wine culture due to the countless vineyards in the county, which fall into four appellations (geographical designations): Côtes-du […]

Our Top 10 activities in the area

Uncategorized / 7 June 2021

1. STROLL THROUGH THE VILLAGES AROUND MONT VENTOUX  The Ventoux area has dozens of charming villages that are ideal for a stroll. These include 21 authentic hilltop villages that are much quieter than the Luberon villages which, let’s face it, can sometimes be invaded by tourists in summer … These are perfect places to stretch […]

Marie Cardinal, The Words… La Madelène

Uncategorized / 7 June 2021

Writing about Marie Cardinal in an article published in France’s Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper in 2013, journalist Bernard Pivot recalled that “his last summer at La Madelène had been a paradise”. It is in this place that the woman he nicknamed “The Absolute Exile”, the stateless woman, the woman who felt at home everywhere […]

The Ventoux – Biosphere and Regional National Park

Uncategorized / 7 June 2021

The highest peak in the Vaucluse, Mont Ventoux, rising above Provence, towers over the surrounding plain and hills and clearly draws people’s eyes and attention. It truly makes us dream with its wild summit that defies the wind, its hillsides rich in crops, its lavender and its vines, its dry stone walls and its picturesque […]

Covid plan

Uncategorized / 8 May 2020

Dear guests, Your health, our health: our top priority! In order to fight Covid-19 and ensure you the safest, most comfortable stay possible, we present you a list of the measures implemented here at Le Prieuré La Madelène. Social distancing The bedrooms are all separated and spread out over an area of more than 400 […]