Our summer highlights around Mont Ventoux 

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Our summer highlights around Mont Ventoux 

Bruno Pastouret / Post on 28 June 2022


Like many areas of Provence, the Ventoux and its surrounding villages are in full swing in during the summer season.

With the arrival of the cicadas, a full menu of fun, friendly events are on tap near Malaucène. Among all these different events, at Prieuré La Madelène, we have chosen for you a selection of those that look most promising.

Let yourself be carried away and discover our region through a variety of themes!

Arts & Culture Events 

Let’s start out in Malaucène, our lovely little village nestled at the foot of Mont Ventoux.

Every Tuesday, from 28 June to 30 August, the storytelling walks offered by Les Nomades du Ventoux are a great opportunity to discover the old village in a fun, entertaining way. A true must-do during your stay here.

On 23 June, we invite you on an evening climb to the summit of Mont Ventoux for the traditional Saint Jean Fire: a warm, friendly, festive occasion where you will have the chance, among other things, to listen to Provençal drummers and songs.

From June to September the city of Carpentras, located 22 km from Malaucène, offers many events as part of its Trans’Art program, with concerts, bodegas, theater, sports events and more. There is something for everyone, whatever their age. Here are some of the highlights we have selected for you from the rich, diverse program: 

  • The 15th Night of the Blues on 24 June at Espace Auzon (Walter Trout and Kaz Hawkins)
  • Hola Fiesta Bodegas from 7 to 10 July, a can’t-miss event with a festive Latin flavor, including bodegas, walks, a gipsy show, an equestrian show, a flamenco ballet and more. A truly delightful lineup.  
  • Classique au Clair de Lune (Classical by Moonlight) on 22 and 23 July on the square in front of Saint-Siffrein Cathedral in Carpentras. A magical place and a top-quality repertoire! 
  • Les Guinguettes de l’Auzon open-air dancehalls will be held, like every year, on the banks of the Auzon, in downtown Carpentras, on 5 and 6 August. An eclectic lineup and a fun, friendly family atmosphere! 

Discover the full lineup at bit.ly/TransArt-programmecomplet

– From 7 to 26 July, The Festival d’Avignon arts festival

How can we talk about arts and culture in the Ventoux region without mentioning the Festival d’Avignon? The gorgeous papal city is only a 45-minute drive from our Prieuré… 

We shared our passion for this fantastic festival last year in a special article you can read here: bit.ly/nos-rdv-culturels-de-l-été

For more info on this year’s lineup: https://bit.ly/Festival-Avignon-2022

Comedy Events 

“Laughing is a serious affair you can’t joke about.” – Raymond Devos, French comedian 

– On 17 and 18 June, the Ventoux Comedy Festival in Crillon-le-Brave promises a laughter-filled start to the weekend. 

Crillon-le-Brave is a gorgeous little hilltop village located 15 km from Malaucène, and we recommend taking a stroll there before heading into the festival!

– The Vacqueyras Comedy and Theater Festival from 7 to 10 July should also bring us its share of laughter.

Vacqueyras is a highly renowned wine-growing town, and attending the festival gives you the chance to stop off at the cooperative wine cellar and stock up on a few good bottles!

Fun for Foodies 

In our eyes, gluttony has never been a sin or a flaw! We have found this all the truer since we settled here in Malaucène, at the foot of the Giant of Provence.

The soils of this region are exceptionally rich: not letting your appetite run wild during your stay here would be a true sacrilege!

You might miss, among other things:

  • The AOC Ventoux Wine Festival on 25 June at Hôtel-Dieu in Carpentras, a prestigious setting for a festive, one-of-a-kind celebration.
  • The Country and Cherry Festival on 26 June in Malemort-du-Comtat. Alongside the renowned Carpentras strawberry, the Ventoux cherry is also a star in its own right! 
  • Le Banquet du Géant (“The Giant’s Banquet” – AOC Ventoux) on 9 July at the castle in Beaucet, a lovely little hillside village nestle against its fortified castle. 
  • The Fig Festival in Caromb on 10 July. This tasty black fig, labeled the “Black Fig of Provence” has a flavor to die for!
  • The Melon and Country Festival on 14 July in Pernes-les-Fontaines, a picturesque little village nestled among medieval ramparts and known for its 40 fountains. 
  • The Apricot Farmer’s Market in Le Barroux on 14 July. Le Barroux is a charming hilltop village located halfway between Malaucène and Vaison-la-Romaine. With its castle and its brand-new whiskey distillery, it is well worth your visit! We have already told you about it in an article that we had dedicated to unusual visits around Le Prieuré: Unique adventures around Le Prieuré La Madelène     

Fun in the Nature

In a rural county like Vaucluse, most of the people encounter nature on a daily basis,. Particularly in the Pays du Ventoux, a regional nature park that offers grandiose landscapes and a fantastic, larger-than-life playground.

We have selected for you the following highlights: 

– The first edition of C’mon Ventoux on 26 June at the Monte Serein resort (19 km from the Prieuré).

A day to celebrate the Giant of Provence and the second regional nature park in the Vaucluse area. The program is 100% geared towards the Ventoux and nature lovers, with a host of local products, artisan exhibitions and various activities. It should all be very nice!

– A lovely hike to discover the Flora at the summit of Mont Ventoux with a guide from Natura 2000 on Sunday 3 July 

– A volunteer inventory of swallows and swifts with the LPO Ventoux birding association in Vaison-la-Romaine on 25 June, in Faucon on 2 July and in Crestet on 9 July.

– A hike under the stars to the top of Mont Ventoux on the night of 12 to 13 August to take in the beauty of the Perseids meteor shower!

– “Des étoiles dans l’objectif” (‘Stars in your lens), an introduction to nighttime photography techniques on 8 July in Saint Hippolyte-le-Graveyron and 13 August in Saint-Trinit.

– The reopening of the magnificent park at the Château de Saint Didier (27 km from Le Prieuré La Madelène). In the heart of the village, the Château de Thézan reopens its doors after being closed for almost thirty years. This year’s visitors will therefore be among the first to rediscover this place and once again enjoy its enchanting setting!

Our selection is of course subjective and far from exhaustive.

If you wish to find out more and discover everything there is to see and do around Malaucène to make your stay with us at the foot of Mont Ventoux easier, you can contact the Ventoux Provence Tourism Office.

Here, you can get further information or book many activities online using a secure server: https://reservation.ventouxprovence.fr

Looking forward to seeing you this summer at Le Prieuré La Madelène! 

Bruno and Olivier 

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