For your summer in Provence in the Ventoux region a selection of “Arts & Culture” activities by Le Prieuré La Madelène

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For your summer in Provence in the Ventoux region a selection of “Arts & Culture” activities by Le Prieuré La Madelène

Bruno Pastouret / Post on 11 July 2023

During summertime in the beautiful region of Provence, where Le Prieuré La Madelène is located, arts & culture are not left behind! In fact, the range of activities is phenomenal.

Thus, we have chosen to present you a theme-based selection we have named “Art and Architecture – A Living, Dramatic Heritage.”

Our choices are subjective and far from exhaustive, which we hope will allow you to discover remarkable places and buildings that are hosting exhibitions or artistic events this summer.

Here is what we have selected:

Château du Barroux (a charming hillside village 10 minutes away from Malaucène and Le Prieuré) is hosting Regards, an exhibition by the artist Sandrot this summer. In addition to various tours of the castle, Château du Barroux offers a number of unique events, including several musical performances.

In a previous article we dedicated to unusual visits around Malaucène, less than 30 minutes from Le Prieuré La Madelène, we mentioned Château du Barroux, which at that time was opening the doors to its brand-new whisky distillery:

Heritage, Art, Gastronomy, Spirits and more.
There are several compelling “arts & culture” reasons to head over to Barroux. We highly recommend it.

The Château Thézan de Saint-Didier has just reopened its doors to visitors. You can explore the interior of this building (closed to the public for several decades) and its beautiful park, which is hosting an exhibition by a ceramic artist from Saint-Rémy de Provence, Caitriona Platts-Manoury, this summer.

For more information about this gem of Provence’s heritage:

Platts-Manoury has also exhibited at La Fondation Villa Datris in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, another remarkable place.

The building and its riverside garden are magnificent, and admission is free (quite rare, it is worth noting).

This year, we are delighted to discover her exhibition entitled Movement and Light.

A day in the Sorgues region, in the southern part of our county, might just be the perfect opportunity to visit it.

For more information:

The Château des Comtes de Toulouse in Vaison-la-Romaine – located 15 minutes from Le Prieuré – overlooks the old town of Vaison, which is hosting a magnificent exhibition of monumental sculptures this summer. The extraordinary itinerary winds through ancient sites and the medieval city. Wonderful!

For more information:

The town of Carpentras, the former capital of the Comtat Venaissin and long-time rival of the papal city of Avignon, offers the opportunity to discover many museums and remarkable buildings.

The generous countryside surrounding Carpentras is often better known than the town’s architectural heritage. And yet, a stroll through the urban streets is quite exceptional if you keep your eyes wide open and take a good look at the older buildings.

A number of temporary “decorative” exhibitions can be found throughout the city center, in particular during the sunny season, with aerial displays of butterflies in many streets, suspended umbrellas in Passage Boyer, paintings, dreamcatchers, Papal bulls (decrees or charters) and more. In summer, there is art in the Carpentras air, and it is well worth seeing!

As for all the other places and events you could enjoy…

The list is so long that we prefer to discuss it in-person during your stay with us. If you want to get a head start, we recommend you visit the websites of the local tourist offices at your own pace:



That way, like the Provençal cicada, you can make your own selection based on specific themes, places, and dates, while letting ants do the work for you!

We look forward to welcoming you to Malaucène, here in the haven of Provençal sweetness that Le Prieuré la Madelène offers.

Olivier and Bruno

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