Welcome to our guest house in the Mont Ventoux region!

Le Prieuré La Madelène - Seminars, guest house and cottage

Welcome to our guest house in the Mont Ventoux region!

Bruno Pastouret / Post on 28 April 2024

Meet your hosts, Bruno and Olivier

In the town of Malaucène, at Le Prieuré La Madelène, we share our passion for hospitality and the authentic lifestyle of southern France. Discover how our journey has led us to transform this residence into a place where stories are woven.

In the south of France, in the Mont Ventoux region, lies a little piece of paradise: Le Prieuré La Madelène.

This guest house is the result of an extraordinary adventure that we, Bruno and Olivier, embarked on with passion.

Bruno: “I carved my path in the hospitality industry as a pioneer in short-term rentals in Lyon. My experience in managing furnished apartments laid the groundwork for this exciting project that has led us to new horizons.”

Olivier: “While helping to grow the business with Bruno, I worked at Air France as a purser on long-haul flights.”

The birth of a new project, a guest house that reflects who we are

After we sold the company, we set out in search of a house. Le Prieuré La Madelène, the 12th  house we visited in 2018, was truly love at first sight. It took two and a half years to finalize the project. We moved into Le Prieuré in February 2020. Olivier was supposed to continue his activity as a purser, but COVID changed everything. When we were finally able to welcome our first guests, planes were no longer flying, and we loved working together at Le Prieuré. We are totally complementary and welcoming our guests as a couple truly defines the identity of the place.

A new chapter of our life in Malaucène

From the moment we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the locals and shopkeepers. Our integration into the local community, illustrated for example by Bruno’s active involvement in the festival committee, has strengthened our ties with the village. Moreover, Le Prieuré is part of Malaucène’s heritage and local residents are happy to see it come back to life.

Bringing the house to life and taking care of it

We are committed to constantly pampering our Prieuré.

We have undertaken numerous renovation projects over time, enough to keep us busy during the winter months! From painting and changing the bedding to decorating and insulation, we do everything with great respect for the history of the Prieuré and its environment.

Memory Makers

This business is incredibly rich from a human standpoint, almost unimaginably so, given the wonderful people we meet, the intense moments shared, the emotional goodbyes, and the joy-filled return of our loyal guests. That is why we have organized everything meticulously to offer everyone an unforgettable experience. From managing reservations to providing a warm welcome and expert advice on local activities, we handle every aspect with great care.

Our commitment is reflected in every detail of our service. From special theme-based weekends to discovering local treasures, we strive to offer authentic, unforgettable experiences and to create indelible memories for all our guests.


We love:

Interior design & decoration, motorcycles, fine wines, gourmet dining, and hosting.

Discovering new places.

Sharing what we have discovered, giving advice and talking with guests.

Bruno & Olivier’s passions

Olivier: reading, cinema, architecture, fine dining, and fine wines.

Bruno: planting flowers, cooking, dining out, cars and astrology.

Our values

Simplicity, a sense of hospitality and service, attention to detail and togetherness.
We look forward to meeting you.
See you soon in Provence 🌞
Olivier and Bruno
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